Julio Cabrera

Julio Cabrera


Julio Cabrera has been working for 28 years as a Cantinero-Bartender in his native Cuba, Italy, Cancun and Miami. He graduated as a Trainer in Hotel and Tourism in Nicosia, Cypress in 1991.

After being Bar Manager, Cantinero’s professor and winning some National Cocktail Competitions, he was selected as the bartender that represented in Italy one of the best Cuban rums.

Julio became a member of the International Bartender Association (I.B.A.) years later and participated in the I.B.A. World Cocktail Competition in Bled, Slovenia in 2002.

In Cancun, he successfully did the Bar Program as a Bar Manager in Grand Aqua Hotel in 2004 and Condesa Hotel in 2005.
After passing the Beverage Alcohol Resource Program in New York in 2008, he successfully opened Sra. Martinez, a Michelle Bernstein’s Restaurant, where he inserted his award winning creations in the Cocktail Menu for four years, being one of the best 100 American bars in 2012.

Since 2009, Julio has participated in several Regional and National Mixologist Competitions with excellent results.

In  December 2012, Julio joined other recognized bartenders to open The Regent Cocktail Club in Miami, already nominated one of the Best Hotel Bar in the world.

MixItUp “The Ultimate Mixology Challenge” U.S. winner in New York 2011, The Mixing Star U.S. winner in Las Vegas 2012, Diageo World Class USA Finale first runner up in New York 2013, Julio Cabrera was recently announced as 2013’s GQ, Bombay Sapphire and U.S.B.G “Most Imaginative” Bartender  after winning  the national finals in Las Vegas.

With his consulting company Red Shaker, Julio has done the cocktail program for several hotels and bars around the world, such as Nizuc Luxury Hotel in Cancun, World famous Ball & Chain, Seagrape, Crown Room and 1930’s House at Thompson Hotel, Dolce Italian at The Gale,The Loews Hotel Miami, World Class Bar on Celebrity Cruises and some others.

Without leaving the bar, Julio is actually Diageo World Class Trainer, working on a book and making a dream come true:  to be a professor of future generation of Bartenders, teaching the Cantinero’s Legacy.